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It is time for the Waterkant XL Giveaway!

For this month, we chose the knot Waterkant XL. This means that if you want to join the giveaway you will have to deliver a beautiful creation with the Waterkant XL knot. Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #waterkantxlparacord or send it to us via email ([email protected]). We look forward to seeing what beautiful creation you can make with this knot! Good luck! 

How do you participate in the Waterkant XL Giveaway?

There are two ways to join the giveaway.

1. Upload your creation photo on Instagram feed with #waterkantxlparacord

Upload your creation on Instagram and use the #waterkantxlparacord in the caption. When using this hashtag you automatically enter the giveaway and you are giving us the right to use the photo and upload it on our website and perhaps other social media.

2. Send the picture via mail to [email protected]

Send the photo with the specific knot that is related to the contest to [email protected]. To add your photo to all the entries, we need your first and last name. This way we will be able to contact you if you are one of the winners.

When you enter the giveaway, you give us permission to share your entry on our website, in flyers and on social media.

Your participation should meet these criteria:

  • WaterkantXL must be used. Entries without this knot cannot participate in the giveaway.
  • Your entry is posted or submitted on 20th of June 2024 at the latest.
  • The creation is primarily made out of materials from our webshop.
  • You can submit a maximum of 3 entries in total. Do you submit more than 3 photos? Then we choose the 3 we like the most.

Please note: The person who designed the knot is not allowed to compete in the giveaway when their knot is chosen as the knot of the month.

When do you have the biggest chance of winning the Waterkant XL Giveaway?

This will be considered when determining the 2 winners:

  • Quality of the techniques used in your work
  • Originality of colour combinations
  • Presentation of your creation in the picture

Prizes and choosing winners

The two winners will each receive a €50 shopping voucher! Winners will be announced on June 27, 2024

Have fun knotting!

All entries of the Waterkant XL Giveaway: